Wanshida Steel is a scam company, beware

This is a website we created to warn prospective buyers to avoid a company named Wanshida Steel (Shandong) Co., Ltd in China. Wanshida Steel is a steel company who supply iron bars, coils and square hollow tubes etc. We were dealing with Manager and sales Rep Mr Qianle Jai & Mr Walker from Wanshida Steel

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How Wanshida Steel (Shandong) Co., Ltd. scam and fraud, what happened to us.  

We have been greatly scammed by Wanshida Steel even though we did all the checks. For example we even paid a company in China to Audit the company and everything checked out fine. The sales rep tell you they have many customers from around the world etc. They will talk like they are experienced and gain your trust.

After all the checks we placed orders for a total of 42,000 USD on separate containers. They agreement on payment terms was 20% download and 80% before original BL. Upon shipment they send pictures etc to confirm everything is fine. The problem started from here. They demanded full payment before BL or they will not ship the container. So, we paid in full. Same thing happened for second container. The BL's mentioned the right weight according to the orders we had placed (25MT & 27MT).

However, upon arrival of the first container there was only 6MT in the container instead of 25MT. The quality of the product was not what we ordered, and most was unsellable. This was very confusing for us as the BL mentioned 25MT. We contacted Wanshida Steel who kept telling us the containers were mixed at the port and they were looking into it. The second container also arrived with BL mentioned 27MT and to our dismay, the container weighed 9MT, again with poor quality goods we are unable to sell. After this we asked for refund on missing and third container deposit but by this time the scam was complete, and they had received what they wanted and now there was no response.

This is a brief description of what happened, and the point of this website is to help others in not losing their hard-earned money to these scammers or frauds. They will get your interest with low prices for good quality but it's simply not true. I have read a lot on the internet of these cases in China. I would simply recommend stay clear of buying from China. I did all the checks I could but somehow, they still managed to fraud us. 





TAX ID: 91370102MAC1EPXQ7C

The Manager and Sales Rep,

We were dealing with the guy on the right named "Walker" who is a relative to the Manager (left) Mr Qianle Jia. They are both running the company called Wanshida Steel together and fraud and scam as a team. Please avoid these guys.

China Steel Scam

Since launching this site I have had serval emails explaining how they also got scammed. Clients need to beware there is much fraud, scam companies in China, especially in the steel industries. I have also had emails stating they have also been scammed by Wanshida Steel.   


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